Behind the image…..

So because this is my first blog, (aside: There are two, maybe three, but definitely two of you who will discount this. Collins and Sam, let’s be honest. Spartanburg Senorita was never going to work.) I believe that it is only fitting to post my wedding pictures yet again into internet oblivion. Mostly because they are my wedding pictures and I like to look at them every chance I get. But, for those of you who have already browsed the hundreds I posted to facebook, I’ll spare you doing that again.

I have, however, chosen 15 pictures that have a story behind the image:

Because this is the header for my blog, it should aptly be described first.  I tried to get Kyle to pick a first song for us for months.  I tried to get him to practice for weeks. Neither of those things really ever happened. However, when I could convince him to sort of cooperate, he would practice for about 30 seconds of a song before getting really silly and dancing like a maniac. Why did I think our wedding day would be different? I’m not sure. However, about a minute into A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Louis Armstrong turns up the trumpet. Kyle took that as his cue, too.  And I couldn’t be more thankful. His silly dancing made me laugh so hard that it turned out to be one of my favorite moments of the entire day. That’s why I love him.

Kyle picked this ring out all by himself. No help, no ideas. Just went into the diamond store in Charlotte, told them exactly what he wanted, and had it custom made. It is absolutely perfect.

I come from a family of 3 girls. That’s 3 weddings that my dad is required to pay for per Emily Post. For as long as I can remember, whenever the subject of weddings would come up around my dad he would always respond: “I’m thinking cheeseballs. Yes, just cheeseballs for the reception!” We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to provide him with some of his own, though it was not part of the menu to the general public.

I tried to talk Kyle’s mom into doing a funny dance with Kyle as well. But the only thing she kept saying over and over again is “I can NOT do the chicken dance in front of everyone. I can NOT do the chicken dance!” Much to her surprise (and mine, promise) the band asked the mothers and grandmothers on the stage to do a series of funny dances….including, you guessed it, the chicken dance! Ask, and ye shall receive.

The church I grew up in in Columbia doesn’t have a center aisle. They should fix that. However, this adorable little chapel on Fort Jackson was not only available, but FREE! It was the perfect church to get married in! I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect place to tie the knot.

There isn’t really a story behind this except that…how awesome of a wedding cake is this?? I know. I’m 100% biased. I mean, it is mine. However, the cupcake craze got to me. The bright colors were calling my name. The different flavors were so appealing. I loved this cake. I just think everyone should see it.

This is a captured facial expression of my dad during our father/daughter dance. Please watch the whole thing here: Help us make this video “go viral.”

This is my uncle who supposedly doesn’t dance at weddings…..and here he is leading the conga line. Hmmm…..

This is my incredibly handsome husband. I am so lucky to have married him.

After the ceremony was over, my grandmother was so excited that she forgot to a)wait for Mrs. Walker to be walked out, and b)for a groomsman to come escort her out. She was just so happy she grabbed my grandfather and waltzed right out of there!

Kyle’s grandfather married us, which made our ceremony even more special. This is “Papa” after the ceremony watching Kyle sign our marriage license.

My other grandmother, “Nonnie,” couldn’t be at the wedding due to health problems. So my something borrowed came from her: her wedding band…I almost cried when I saw that that’s what my aunt had brought. I loved it.

The different color shoes, in particular one pair (though we won’t name names) for the bridesmaids caused a fair amount of controversy within the family. Needless to say, I think they all look awesome together. Very indicative of who was wearing them in most cases. And you know what? I’ll bet each of them will wear those shoes again….

I’ll have to copy Morgan’s blog and say: Let’s be honest, its the Walker girls. Meredith, we’re all rooting for you! These ladies are part of my new family. 🙂

And last but not least is the beautiful little Zoe! One of my favorite pictures ever (I still have it) is one of me with my Aunt Kristi on her wedding day. I used to look at it all the time growing up. I hope that Zoe looks at this picture one day and blogs about it later on!

It’s time for me to go to bed now. Kyle is already sound asleep upstairs, and the puppies are looking at me like “Please, please, please can we go to bed now??”. Ok, Ellie and Chester. Let’s go to sleep.


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