For those of you that know Kyle, you know that he is a soccer fan. I always knew that, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think I realized just exactly how much of a soccer fan he was until we got married. Premiere League games on weekend mornings, FIFA games in the afternoon, his Latino league games on Sundays, micro (5 year old) soccer on the weekdays, games on when he gets home from work………..I could go on, but you get the picture. This guy loves soccer.

So as you can imagine, our Friday night consisted of…… But this time was enjoyable. Kaitlin came up for the weekend to visit, so we went to the Wofford game. We met the Walkers there, met some of Kalle’s new friends (she is now a freshman at Wofford), brought the dogs, and in the end we had a great time!

Future little Wofford player? I think so.

Kaitlin is here to spend the weekend with us! Yay!

Now here’s a funny story: While I was gone to pick up Kaitlin in Newberry, I get a call from Kyle. Kyle: “Hey, where are you right now?” Me: “Uh, probably about 30 minutes away still, why?” Kyle: “Um, I locked myself out of the house, so me and Ellie are just sitting here.” (laughter in the car, on my end) He hangs up. 5 minutes later: Kyle: “I think I’m just gonna walk to Wofford from our house.”

Our house is about 5-6 miles away from Wofford. It was about 90 degrees outside. Walk? Seriously? That sounds miserable…especially when the game was starting in about 15 minutes. Miraculously, I arrive and he is already there, surprisingly not sweating, Ellie surprisingly not tired…and suspiciously with Megan Klipfel. I put two and two together and say: “Oh, so you had Megan pick you up instead?” to which Megan replied: “I wouldn’t have said anything Kyle, but I can’t lie to her face!!!”

Oh, Kyle.

After that we went for pizza at Venus Pie (delicious local pizza/hippy joint), followed by ice cream and a movie before bed. I’d say, a successful Friday night.


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