10 Simple Ways to Change the World

I can not claim any kind of credit for these, as they are from an excerpt I read on CNN.com. However, it was so great I had to blog it!


1. Lend small amounts of money to help fight poverty. It’s called “microfinance.” You provide small amounts of money (as little as $25) to an organization like Kiva (kiva.org) They distribute the funds to entrepeneurs in poverty-stricken areas. When the money is repaid you can choose to lend again, donate it, or withdraw the funds.

2. Hippo roller. The hippo roller (hipporoller.org) is a water carrying device that allows an easier and more efficient method of carrier water long distances. Users can also adjust the rack to carry produce or a person who cannot walk.

3. Pot in a pot. The simple design lets farmers preserve their produce longer for food and for sale. Practical action (practicalaction.org) identified this design as something it could help train women in the Sudan to create and train others to make as well, allowing them to earn a living.

4. Seed Bomb. Enter the concept of “geurilla gardening” – planting flowers or decorative plants in areas that could use a little brightening. A project called GreenAid from Common Studio (thecommonstudio.com) will rent or sell reconditioned gumball machines full of seeds packed in a clay ball called seed bombs. They provide a region specific seed-mix (they have one for almost every state), and they can be tossed in anywhere they’d get sun and water!

5. Portable water cleaner. In many parts of the world, clean water is scarce. The Life Straw is a portable water filter that eliminates bacteria and parasites that cause common diarroheal diseases. (vestergaard-frandsen.com)

6.  Talk a walk. Save money, reduce traffic congestion, and get in better shape by taking a walk when possible instead of driving your car. If Americans walked or biked more on trips of 3 miles or less, they could remove 9 million tons of carbon dioxide from America’s air each year.

7. Buy Tom’s. Tom’s shoes donates a pair to a needy child for every pair that is purchased. And let’s be honest, they are super cute and comfortable…I wore them for my wedding.  (toms.com)

8. Donate your change. Everyone has a pile of loose change. Many of the coins to cash machines (like Coinstar) can also be used to donate to charities such as the American Red Cross, March of Dimes, UNICEF, and the World Wildlife Fund.

9. Print on both sides of the paper. According to the EPA, the average office worker in the United States uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year — 4 million tons of paper annually.

10. Donate platelets. The process is similar to blood donation, but can take up to two hours. Platelets are often used for patients undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants. Because the shelf life of platelets is five days, hospitals are always in need.

Ok, so get out there. Pick one and start changing the world.

(full article)

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