So if you want to read about our whole day on Sunday, see Megan Klipfel’s blog. To give you the summary. We started by going to a two and a half hour long hispanic service at Betel Internacional. It was awesome. Even Kyle loved it. (They had a translator that followed the pastor around everywhere! Which was semi-comical.)

That evening, we went to one of Kyle’s Latino League soccer games. Though we sat on the wrong bench (yes, fans of the opposing team were surrounding us, but how were we to know?), we had a great time! Got some strange looks for being the “white girls” out there, but I think if we go back we could really make some friends. If nothing else, the kids around us were ADORABLE.

Our “incognito” pic of the indoor field:

 There’s Kyle!

 Adorable little kid, running away from us….oops.


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