Ellie and Chester

I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about them yet.

Meet Ellie:  Christmas of last year I decided that I could live no longer without a dog. Four years in college and a half a year out of college without one was plenty of time off for me! So, after some research, number-crunching (dog necessities add up!) and discussing dog ownership with friends, I made my way to the Spartanburg Humane Society in January. My theory? New year, new dog. Kyle went in order to play “devil’s advocate.” We played with a few dogs, but they all liked Kyle more than me. (I really think Kyle might be related to the Dog Whisperer) But we saw Ellie, then a 3 month old puppy, calmly looking at us through the bars. Not barking. Not overly excited. We took her in the room to play, where she jumped in my lap and plopped right down! I was sold.

To date, Ellie has been one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen. She loves to cuddle, only barks occasionally, and rarely gets into trouble. She is worth every penny! 

Meet Chester: Chester was a spur of the moment decision. Kyle and I had talked about getting Ellie a friend because she would get so depressed whenever we would leave. We decided that after the wedding would be best. However, the day that I joined the gym, the first time I was in there, with the owner right in front of me (are you following? It was divine providence!) a man called asking to put up a notice about a puppy. The puppy had followed the man home, but his wife wouldn’t let him keep it, so he had taken it to the humane society and would be willing to pay the adoption fees for anyone who wanted him. Well, I left right then and there to look at the puppy. At first, Kyle said no. But with a tiny bit of persuasion (it didn’t take much) we were on our way to meet this puppy. He ran out those doors, and straight to Kyle! (I’m telling you, Dog Whisperer)

And that was the beginning. And you should always remember that nothing in life is “free.” A few days after we got him, he got very sick and it cost us $360 to nurse him back to health. In one day he has eaten my phone, our internet cable, Kyle’s debit card, the shoes I got married in, and a pillow I had bought the day before. He has ripped up countless socks. The night of our rehearsal dinner he got into a red paint pen in my parents house….needless to say, their carpet is ruined.

But, as bad as he is…he is just too cute to be mad at. I’m so glad we got him. He and Ellie are best friends, and there is not a cuter little puppy to make your day better!

In closing, Chester and Ellie are not allowed on the bed or furniture most of the time except for the in mornings. They live for jumping on the bed to snuggle with Kyle and me every morning! Chester stays on there as long as we’ll let him!

We love our pups.


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