Mario and Cookies

This past weekend, we had a great time hanging out at Kyle and Caren’s new house! We played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii…I’m not going to lie, this is the entire reason that I want a wii. I would play this game all the time. Then Kyle L and Kyle W could stop making fun of Megan and I for continually losing all of our lives…if we could practice, we would kick their butts.

But while we were consumed throwing fireballs, riding yoshis, and occasionally (ok…not so occasionally) experiencing death by molten lava, Caren and Chelsea made some delicious sugar cookies for us to decorate!

We also did a white elephant gift for fun…Among some gems were:

 A Kittens Calendar… Native American absorbent coasters… And a beautiful piece of art by C. Smith.

*Kyle Walker’s could not be displayed due to the potentially offensive nature of his gift. Chelsea was not pictured. And I just couldn’t get Caren’s to upload…*

I leave you with this gem:

Yep, that’s a graduate angel of Kyle. On the Livingston tree. OH the holidays!


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