Let me tell you why….

Ashley Smith is awesome.

Fun facts about Ashley:

She knows every word to every rap song ever made…and will rap along, especially on long car rides.

She loves any Madea movie. And Tyler Perry.

This is her signature face:  Which can make anyone laugh, and which she probably will not laugh when she sees this on my blog….

What makes Ashley awesome:

Aside from the fact that she is incredibly attractive (see above picture for evidence), Ashley is one of the most sincere people I know. I’ve known Ashley since the 6th grade, and she has been challenging me and everyone around her (in a good way of course!) since then. She has always had a peace about her that is so rare in many people. She is constantly content with whatever life throws at her, and always striving for a better relationship with the Lord.

I spent a summer with her working for a program called Project Transformation. I had always known her well (I mean, we had already known each other for 8 years at that point), but what I learned from her that summer was instrumental in shaping me as a person, as well as my relationship with the Lord. Ashley never complained about the long hours and the late nights. She took every opportunity she could to love everyone on her team, the kids in the program, and anyone else around her. She never stopped laughing, even when she got a little homesick. She was always up for an “adventure,” as we called them…and when we inevitably ended up lost, she was the first to make a joke about it.

That’s why she has been to awesome to me. But what’s even MORE awesome about Ashley is that she is about to start a new chapter in her life that is propelling her into fulfilling the Lord’s purpose. She just graduated from Clemson with a nursing degree, and beginning this month will start working for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She has always had a passion for international missions, and would love to go to Africa one day soon to help serve children there. It’s a great thing to see a close friend begin the first steps in achieving life-long goals to serve others.

That’s why she’s awesome, and I hope she inspires you to be awesome, too.


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