Laundry. Just hearing the word makes my palms sweat and my skin crawl. There are few things I hate worse (though chewing with your mouth open is one of them) than having to do laundry.

Some serious issues I have:

1)Is laundry ever really done? No. Never. Unless you can wash every single load naked. Which I can’t do. Because what if there were a fire and all of my clothes were wet and I had to run out to meet the fire truck in my birthday suit? Nope, not gonna happen. I will always be wearing clothes while washing my other clothes. Which I will exchange later for the clean clothes that just came out of the wash, and they will be left dirty. Thus creating more laundry.

2)I am not responsible about laundry like Blair (my roomate pre marital bliss). As soon as she’d have a full load, she’d get it to the wash, dry it, fold it, put it away, DONE! It was like magic, I tell you.  I always envied her ability to do that. Not me, I wait until I literally have nothing else to wear. Then I wash exactly what I need to wear. It takes me at least 2 days (though my husband might suggest it takes me longer than that) to move it to the dryer (and then of course I had to wash them again), and then at least another 2 days to fold those clothes. I know, there’s a simple solution. Just do it all at one time, you’re thinking. Well, I just can’t. It’s a proven fact. Laundry is not my forte.

3)Right now, I have a pile of laundry sitting in front of my bed just waiting for me to come home and wash it. It was previously in the “office” which has now turned “guest room” thanks to our new mattress. So since we are having guests this weekend (tonight), I moved my laundry from the office/guest room to my room. Where the dogs will inevitably steal my socks and chew holes in them. Which will inevitably will go on my feet. Which will inevitably be annoying.

So I have to give a special shout out to Jamie and Clark for coming one night early. Because I have until exactly until 11:00PM tonight to finish my laundry so that our house is ready for guests. So after my meeting tonight, I’m going straight home, channeling Blair’s laundry abilities, and getting it done!

Kyle, be proud.


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