Puppy Love

If you know Kyle and me at all, you know that we love our pups.  Right now they are our children, which makes them completely post-worthy.

(I apologize for the quality of some of these photos. Most were taken on my phone. Which is not an iphone. [hint hint Kyle, Christmas is just 10 months away….])

They snuggle with us in the morning…

They play with us in the snow….


They think our furniture is their furniture…


When one of us is upstairs, and the other is downstairs, they try to keep tabs on both of us…

They love Christmas as much as Kyle and I love Christmas…


They are watchdogs…


They love to go for a ride….

They sleep right next to our bed…

They watch soccer with Kyle on Saturday mornings…

And let’s be honest, they are just generally adorable.


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