First Half Marathon!

In honor of Michael’s birthday, Kyle and Michael decided to train for and run their first half marathon together! It was so fun to watch the whole process that I’m almost talked into training for one myself….almost. Jury’s still out on that one.

5:30AM, all smiles…

And they’re off! (Michael’s in the white shirt on the far left)

Morgan and I were GREAT cheerleaders…aka, we watched the start of the race (in the rain, give us some credit!) and then went to get some coffee and bagels.


Then, 1 hour and 53 minutes later…they were back!

Finished, and still all smiles sporting their new medals.

…and Kyle is incredibly excited to take a shower!

I was so proud of Kyle and Michael for finishing! Kyle’s already talked me into a 10k (by bribing me with new running gear), and Jessica is trying to get me to do a half marathon in Savannah with her in November. I’ll have to decide soon!


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