Easter in Beaufort

Thanks to our new sister-in-law (well, she’s almost our sister-in-law), we spent this Easter weekend in Beaufort, SC! It was great to meet Meredith’s family, see where she grew up, and enjoy a relaxing weekend with family. Special thanks to Meredith’s mom and dad for putting up with us for a whole weekend, providing us with some de-to-the-licious meals, and helping us have a great time!

Side note: I stole all these pictures from other people, because I didn’t take a single picture all weekend.

We were there to celebrate Keith and Meredith’s engagement! They looked so happy to finally be engaged, and their happiness was contagious.

Our fearless hosts for the weekend…

Saturday morning was nice and relaxing… coffee on the back porch, soccer game on in the living room (nope, soccer doesn’t even take a break for vacation), and discussions of wedding plans. Michael and Morgan got there around 11, and next on the agenda was to see where they are having the reception.

Followed by shopping in downtown Beaufort, and a seafood lunch at Nippy’s…

Followed by boat rides….

and jumping off the dock.

Even I (begrudgingly and with much coercing) jumped off after being shown up by Mrs. Walker AND Morgan!

We finally got to meet Tucker…

And Roxy had her first run-in with a hermit crab…

After Saturday’s dinner of shrimp and grits, followed by playing games and eating homemade ice cream, we ended the weekend by visiting Meredith’s home church and having an Easter brunch in their honor.

Overall, it was a great weekend! The only people missing were David, Lauren, Levi and Zoe…and we sure did miss them!

We were so not ready to leave….July 4th anyone?


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