Cinco de Mayo

Thursday, Megan and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by working a Downtown Alive event in Greenville. Any tips that we made went directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate!

We had to convince Dennis (the man in charge) that we were in fact old enough to card/give people wristbands…and that we are in fact not fifteen, and I am actually married. We were (obviously) a little offended, and so made up for that by making a ton of tips, in part because of our infectious personalities and genuine enthusiasm for the cause…and in part because of the inevitable (albeit profitable) guilt trip we laid on each attendee that came to our section. In the world of non-profit, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Who could resist donating to these two smiling faces?

Apparently not many…

There was even a twenty in there. No big deal. That guy really liked us.

Then to top off the evening we made fajitas and margaritas at Casa de Walker. Jessica came too!

Kyle was there, but he was the designated picture taker. Sorry Kyle! No pics on this post.

Feliz (belated) Cinco de Mayo!


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