Tough Decisions

Jesus rocked my world the other day. And Kyle’s. So we got on this Jesus-just-for-real-showed-up high for about 24 hours. And then human nature kicked in.

You know what I’m talking about: The doubts. The second-guessing. The stress. The worry. It’s easy when you first realize what Jesus is asking you to do. It’s exciting, and you want to follow no matter what the cost! But then reality sets in. Oh, it costs money to do that. Oh, it takes time for that to happen. Oh, I might let other people down. Oh, other people might actually think I’m crazy to do that.

I think maybe “doubting Thomas” could have been “doubting Kristen.” It’s scary to start something new, even something little. Its scary to look out of the boat, peer over the ledge, and jump in. Literally jump in. Not just stick your toes in, feel the cold, and then decide not to jump in after all. That’s not who we were created to be. We were created to jump off and not to get too comfortable…because comfort can lead to idleness pretty dang quick.  

Am I really going to turn down what’s better than I have now? Yes, because Jesus says there’s something else even greater down the road. Am I really going to spend the extra money this will take? Yes, because Jesus promises provision.  Are we really going to do this? Yes, because Jesus asked us to.

So I’m asking for strength, for guidance, and for provision to jump out of the boat…because once we enter deeper waters with the Lord, it’ll be impossible to see why we were ever scared in the first place.


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