Better Late Than Never

For those of you who were royal haters about the royal wedding…don’t read this post.

Prince William’s and Princess Kate’s wedding was (whether you think it deserved the hype or not) a historical event. And we wanted to make a party out of it and see it live. Kudos to Lauren, Megan, and Chelsea for being troopers at 5AM!

She complained at first, but we KNEW she’d have fun in the end…


Do not judge. We had to toast!


Ellie and Chester were a little confused as to why our routine was starting so early this morning…and I don’t think they were happy about it.


Yep, we look awesome. Maybe we should wake up every morning at 4:30 AM…

In case anyone is interested, Chelsea’s hat is going to be sold on ebay. It’s predicted to sell for more than Princess Beatrice’s!


Doesn’t this picture just look like the end of a Disney movie? I think so.

Congrats Will and Kate!

(We’re practically on a first name basis now.)


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