…at least for now.

After a brief hiatus from the bloggersphere, I’ve decided to make a triumphant comeback! Not sure if this means I’ve been bored at work, if I’m so narcissistic that I actually think people care to read about my life, or if this is in fact some sort of therapeutic stress-reliever. Regardless: here I am. Back to the world of blogging.

I’ll attempt to say something insightful and meaningful now and again, but I can’t promise anything.

Here’s what you’ve missed:

(resisting the urge continue that phrase singing “on…GLEE!” Don’t judge.)

Kyle and I have officially been married for over a year now. Time flies.

We moved to Greenville. And love it.

We’ve been to more weddings than we can count, that include but are not limited to…

Kyle turned 25. (Wow we’re old. Wow this pic is blurry.)

Ellie and Chester love the dog park.

Angel and I got prepared for Halloween.

That’s all for now!

Feels good to be back. 


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