Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Since I’ve only been blogging my menu lately, which is also all I’ve been thinking about lately, I wanted to be sure and document Leanne’s wedding this weekend. As we ran out of the house (I was running a little late), I said to Kyle “Do NOT let me forget my camera!!” But, as often happens when you’re in a rush, I left the camera sitting on the dresser in our bedroom. Awesome.

Luckily, Mary was happy to help! Thanks, personal photographer for the evening! I’m sure that she will have a much more detailed account of the weekend on her blog. Read it HERE!


Thanks again, Mary! So glad we get to be breakfast buddies now 🙂


With the BEAUTIFUL bride! While we were dancing she looked at everyone and said “Y’all, its my WEDDING day!” And it was perfect.


Yep, that’s my husband ladies.


Sweet friends with Leanne!


Wofford girls! It was actually chilly outside. That’s right, as in cold. On June 2nd. The Lord must have a lot of favor on you, Leanne!

This wedding was so much fun. Beautiful setting, great band, great food (that I could eat!), and fantastic company!  


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